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Samadhi: The Path of the Heart

Dates: October 10, 2015 - October 17, 2015

Course Leader: Alistair Appleton

Cost: 343 single room, 259 sharing twin, 203 dorm. Course fee 200

Course Description

This week on the Island is exploring the lesser known twin-sister of mindfulness, Samadhi - a venerable Buddhist practice which uses the breath in the body to enter a state of blissful open-heartedness.

Traditionally practiced in Buddhist communities dating back to the time of the Buddha, this practice is seen as one of the eight paths to enlightenment.

But how do we understand enlightenment in the 21st century? Using his knowledge of Buddhist practice, western psychotherapy and contemporary neuroscience, Alistair identifies an ability to stay in the 'right-brain' experience of the world as the key to experiencing a greater opening of the heart.

Much of our Western modern existence is rigorously tied to 'left-brain' (intellectual, cognitive) processing. We experience the world through our thoughts about it, rather than directly. The practice of samadhi gives us a pathway down into the much more connected and warm-hearted space: we might call it the portal to enlightenment.

Holy Isle, with its ever-increasing energy and beautiful natural surroundings, provides the perfect place to experience this shift from 'left' to 'right'.

The week is structured around group practice in the Peace hall, meditative time out in the open-air and periods of silence. Alistair works in a workshop manner with plenty of space for questions and trying things out. No previous experience in meditation is needed.


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