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The Missing Peace

Dates: October 11, 2014 - October 18, 2014

Course Leader: Alistair Appleton

Cost: 469 Single Room, 392 Twin each, 336 Dorm. All inclusive.

Course Description

This week on the island is a mindful exploration of the mental patterns and habits that generate our ubiquitous anxiety. Not just the awful feelings of high stress, panic and overwhelm that afflict so many of us but also a more widespread feeling of anxious tension that propels us along through life in a largely unpleasant, unsatisfying way.

No matter where we are or what we're up to, there always seems to be a "something" on the horizon which is heightening our heartrate, stressing us out and spoiling the simple enjoyment of the moment.

Working with his experience in psychotherapy as well as his studies in Buddhist practice, Alistair has created a gentle and supportive week where the mechanisms of anxiety can be seen and alternative ways of being explored.

Central to this is the Buddhist practice of 'samadhi' or absorption, the often overlooked partner of mindfulness in the Buddha's path to release.

No previous experience in meditation is needed - but even seasoned meditators may find revisiting this core practice refreshing.


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