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Touching Stillness: The Song of the Body

Dates: September 7, 2012 - September 11, 2012

Course Leader: Ad Brugman

Cost: £548 single room, £504 twin each, £395 dorm. All inclusive.

“it is in the non-doing that the mind’s essential peace is revealed”.

A retreat integrating T'ai-Ji and mindfulness, a practice of LK towards oneself and the environment, the song of the body.This retreat explores how we can enhance that song through becoming more aware of the subtlety of the movements and the gestures: following the water course way, to be soft and yielding as water and experience the fullness, strength and joy of the T’ai-Ji dance of life.

For those who want to stay for three days and depart on Sunday, the all inclusive rates are: £393 single room, £349 twin each, £235 dorm.

Tel: 01873 860207
Email: ad.brugman@ukonline.co.uk